Nonnie’s Daylilies

Our 2016 Daylilies  are now available – see the listings here:

Daylily Strain: Carefree Sunset

Daylily Shown Here: Carefree Sunset


In 2008 I visited a friend’s home, Rosie Plummer, she had the most beautiful gardens, filled with daylilies, peonies, irises, poppies and numerous other lovely perennials.  Before I left her home that day, she dug and tagged several daylilies.  That day was the start of my many daylily beds and gardens.  At present I have 5 beds and 2 large gardens with over 325 cultivars.

As spring 2016 approaches, I am looking forward to adding some new cultivars to my gardens.  I will post pictures as the warmer temperatures bring spring and summer bloom.  I want to thank my friend for introducing me to such a rewarding venture.  I hope you will enjoy my gardens as much as I do.