Welcome to Upstate NY Garlic Farm



Freshly Pulled Garlic On A Picnic Table

Upstate New York Garlic Farm is a family owned business, specializing in garlic, garlic powder/granules & chips and we also grow our own shallots. 

We are starting our 20th year of hand planting, hand weeding, hand harvesting and hand grading 9 or more different varieties of garlic and 2 varieties of shallots to ensure you are receiving the finest product.  In 2014 we started producing gourmet garlic powder and granules to give our customers another high quality product that comes directly from our farm. This year we added gourmet garlic chips also. Check back to see the products soon.

We would like to thank all of our loyal customers who purchased our garlic, garlic powder/granules and shallots last year via Internet orders and at the numerous festivals we attended.

There is no better feeling then to see familiar faces coming back to enjoy the products that we love and put so much of our time and effort into.  2014 and 2015 were our best years yet and we are preparing for an even better 2016!


Garlic Scape (The edible flowering shoot from a garlic stem)


As the nice weather has finally arrived and with it came the scapes.   We would like to thank all of our scape buyers and we are looking forward to a great harvest very soon!